The Athletic Female – The Full Evolution

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The Athletic Female – The Full Evolution

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Expand your understanding and knowledge about the female athletes from adolescent to perimenopausal life phases.

Learn from an array of experts in the field alongside course creators Gráinne Donnelly, Emma Brockwell and Helen McElroy as we bring you the most up-to-date, evidence based considerations for female athletes from teenagers to perimenopausal life phases.


Interested in learning more about the female athlete and how you, as a health or fitness professional, can better support them?

This online course is for you!

Not only will we take you through the distinct and important considerations for the sporting female population, we will also discuss considerations specific to the various transitions that the athletic female population evolve through. From adolescent to adulthood, pregnancy to perimenopause…we have it covered.

This course has experts from all around the world sharing their knowledge and research about the various aspects of female health.

Course Objectives: 

  • Learn about what considerations there are for the female athlete
  • Understand the unique considerations for teenage female athletes
  • Understand the unique considerations for perinatal (pregnant and postpartum) female athletes
  • Understand the unique considerations for the perimenopausal female athlete

The course will be created and launched in separate life phases of the female athlete. The first Module “The Athletic Female” is currently live. Sign up at

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